4 Essential Skills Every Construction Manager Should Have

A successful construction project requires efficient planning, skilled workers and most of all an experienced construction manager who oversees every aspect of the project from its development to completion.

Construction managers are essentially responsible for monitoring the construction site, supervising the workers, coordinating tasks, and providing effective solutions to unforeseen problems. Due to the nature of the job, companies hire experienced construction managers with essential industry skills to lead huge construction projects.

To succeed in the industry, construction managers need to have these key skills that ensure efficient project management and success:

1. Ability To Delegate Tasks

A construction manager often works with a large team and therefore, has to oversee each individual’s task. As a manager, he/she should have the ability to assign tasks for different workers based on their specific capabilities and specialized skills. Being aware of every team members’ skill sets helps them to distribute tasks more efficiently.

Due to the large team size and numerous responsibilities, construction managers also delegate supervisors and team leaders to administer specific site areas. It is important for a CM to entrust certain job roles to skilled workers to ensure seamless workflow and time management of the project.

2. Ability To Prioritize And Assess Activities

Construction projects are dependent on numerous factors and resources. From unexpected environmental factors to last-minute design changes, a lot of challenges are faced while handling a construction project. It is important for a construction manager to, therefore, prioritize work according to the changing schedules and processes.

A CM has to deal with unexpected weather forecasts, schedule adjustments, worker shortage and more on a daily basis. An effective construction manager always lays out an organized work schedule for all and executes the plan to the best of their abilities. Under unforeseen circumstances, however, construction managers must take full responsibility and handle difficult situations with precision as well as reassess and prioritize the activities with limited tools and resources.

skills of construction manager

3. Ability To Adapt To New Technologies

Technology has evolved over the last few decades and the construction industry has also increased the intake of new and advanced technology at project sites.

Therefore, a major requirement for construction managers is the ability to adapt to these new technologies that ease the work of construction workers on every level.

A construction manager should be well versed with these technologies and its benefits on and off the field whether it is the usage of drones or modular construction. Knowledge in emerging technologies gives construction managers an upper hand during recruitment as companies find this skill extremely important.

4. Ability To Efficiently Communicate

Communication is a big part of a construction manager’s job. Throughout the day, he/ she has to negotiate with vendors, contractors, and suppliers for project specification. They also have to report every detail to the management about the progress of the project and coordinate regularly with workers and supervisors to monitor work and meet all deadlines.

To carry out these tasks, a construction manager should be able to transcribe these intricate project details into smaller, easy-to-complete activities. This requires strong communication skills so that workers are able to perform the tasks to the best of their abilities as well as the management has a clear idea of the project progress.

To sum it up, a construction manager’s work is very diverse and multi-dimensional. The responsibilities that come with the position are huge. Furthermore, managing a big team and simultaneously overseeing the entire project requires great proficiency and experience. This is why these essential skills are a key requirement for a construction manager to lead the project to success.

Therefore, it is crucial that aspiring construction managers and executives learn these key skills and techniques during their specialized training/ higher education. XIME’s one-year PGCM course trains construction management professionals to acquire these key skills that help them to succeed in the industry. If you’re interested in pursuing a construction management degree you can learn more about the PGCM programme here – https://pgcm.xime.org/?page_id=2420

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