A Day In The Life Of A Construction Manager. Here’s All You Need To Know!

Construction management has become a very diverse industry and has invited a lot of people from all fields including civil, construction, management, etc. While the whole industry is very lucrative, especially in a country like India, there has been a huge demand for skilled managers nowadays.

On any given day, these managers a.k.a construction manager may spend their time negotiating with contractors, vendors, suppliers for sourcing materials or sometimes even spend their whole day at construction site overseeing the operations.

Here are some of the tasks that a construction manager takes care of, on a daily basis:

  • Negotiate project specifications
  • Plan operating strategies, plans & schedules
  • Monitor, manage & oversee construction operations
  • Supervise employees & construction workers
  • Report to management with progress & happening

What are the other things construction managers need to do regularly to get the work done:

  • Spend a major part of your day on phone calls with different stakeholders like management, vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Email actively throughout the day sharing plans with the team, negotiating with vendors, reporting to management & managing day-to-day process with employees, etc.
  • Be a team player in managing & monitoring all the aspects of the project right from the early stages till the end.
  • Meet strict deadlines in terms of completing deadlines, managing budgets and following strategies.
  • Take spontaneous decisions to fulfill needs, plans & manage obstacles.

Construction managers work 40 hours a week usually, where they spend 55% of their time in an office-type environment, 25% of the time in warehouse-styled work environment and 20% of the time at the construction site and outdoors.

For construction managers, everyday can be a new adventure. A construction manager should be able to change roles many times a day – Plan & strategize a days task, juggle between reporting & management. Although, the job is challenging enough to keep one interested at all times, it brings in great responsibility to complete tasks and drive the ownership in taking the project towards finish.

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