5 Reasons Why XIME’s Construction Management Programme Is The Best Option For Your Career

The need for higher studies has always been a priority for students. But in recent years a specialization course or a masters degree has been fueled by the competitive career path and employment opportunities. Therefore, students from a background of B.tech and B.arch also consider a postgraduate degree after a few years of work experience.

Having a postgraduate degree in your core subject holds a lot of value as far as your professional career is concerned. This is also a reason why students opt for higher education to boost their career and reach their goals faster.

Right now, there is a huge demand for experienced professionals in various managerial and technical leadership positions. These roles provide great opportunities for individuals in terms of career growth, salary and experience.

Especially in the construction industry which is undergoing a massive shift, there is a sudden surge for experienced professionals in distinct roles across construction, real estate, and infrastructure who possess relevant techno-managerial skills.

XIME Bangalore understands these industry requirements and has, therefore, designed a specialization course that will help young professionals and students gain relevant knowledge in operational, managerial, sustainable, estimation, technical and environmental aspects of the construction industry.

If you are considering to join a post-graduate programme for construction management, here are 5 reasons you should opt for XIME’s construction management programme

 1. One-Year Extensive Programme

Unlike other construction management programmes, XIME provides students with a 1-Year full-time PGCM programme that is designed to help professionals obtain the technical proficiency, financial knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and business acumen needed to succeed in the construction industry.

XIME’s is also AICTE approved having NBA accredited courses that provide significant, practical and industry based knowledge for professionals to improve their practical skills and accelerate their career.

2. Comprehensive Pedagogy

Construction management is all about acquiring relevant knowledge and skills that are helpful in the real world. This is why XIME builds a well-structured programme for their students which takes a practical, case-based approach towards the industry. This extensive pedagogy covers all the new skills and competencies required in digitization, encourages critical thinking and enforces practical work so that students get a comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

XIME also offers frequent group discussions, classroom and AV sessions to promote a healthy exchange of professional ideas and thoughts among the students.

3. Intensive Training & Project Work

As part of the extensive pedagogy, XIME also recognizes the need for students to get an exposure to the real world and understand the practical functionalities in construction. Therefore at XIME, students practice the learned principles of the industry through imperative project work, assignments and practical exercises. The programme also offers soft skill training and vast subject matter coverage to focus on theoretical and applied knowledge which is required in construction.

4. Top Industry Experts & Faculty

XIME’s PGCM programme brings the top industry experts from across the country as faculty members and guest lecturers to help students gain industry insights and exposure. We strongly believe that a student is only as good as his teacher and therefore conduct various discussions, classes, and seminars hosted by industry experts.

These professionals with accomplished backgrounds and extensive experience help students understand the role of construction manager, discuss the practical skillsets required and give them a glimpse of the industry at large. With such experienced faculty at hand, students are prepared and nurtured to take over the industry even before they step in.

5. Frequent Industry visits

Practical assignments and top industry experts can provide only so much information and exposure to the students. Therefore to provide an extensive view of what the industry has to offer, XIME also conducts frequent visits to various construction sites and hosts industrial tours that are spread throughout the scope of the programme.

This kind of integrated learning and practical experience through frequent site visits help students gain practical knowledge and make them industry ready.

Hence these industry visits are most anticipated by students as well as faculty members.


The scope of construction has become much larger than it was before. In this day and age, where construction offers a large amount of employment to our young generation and also holds immense opportunities to grow, many students are opting for construction and civil professions from the very start. Therefore, to accelerate one’s career in the industry, a post-graduate degree plays a major role.

XIME’s 1-year postgraduate programme in construction management will help students and young professionals to bridge that gap and scale their career.  If you are interested in pursuing Construction Management, you can try XIME’s one-year postgraduate programme. Learn more about it here- https://pgcm.xime.org/?page_id=2420

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