Top 4 Tools For Construction Management Every Construction Manager Should Know About

Demand for construction managers is skyrocketing and skilled professionals who are able to handle projects are now termed as the stakeholders or owners responsible for the project completion.

With all the responsibilities a project manager has to bear and the skills required in the construction industry, one cannot risk his/her decisions in planning.

To make the construction management process easy, better and more productive, it has become a norm for construction companies and firms today to use productivity tools for end-to-end project management.

In addition, many companies also look for professionals with deep knowledge about these tools as a key requirement in a candidate while evaluating for a position. That’s why it is crucial for every construction manager to be aware of these tools and have experience in managing them.

1) Procore

Procore is a cloud-based ‘Construction Project Management’ platform designed specifically for the construction industry. Procore is used by project managers, construction managers, construction firms and even the management to monitor multiple projects, invite collaborations, and track progress across devices.

Procore packs all the features and functionalities that are needed in project management. From daily logs, drawings, meetings to schedules and timecard, Procore helps you handle everything under one single dashboard designed for construction management.

2) BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is a popular and one of the most used cloud-based construction management platforms with 800K plus users. This is used mostly by custom builders and remodelers who work with personalised designs and project development.

This is used by professionals at all levels to efficiently manage all the aspects in a project – daily logs, to-do’s, scheduling, media management, emails, trade partners, etc.

3) BuildTools

Very well known for its modular construction management capabilities, BuildTools is mostly used by remodelers and builders for back office process management.

Some of the most rewarding features of this tool include accounting integrations, bid management, budgeting, communication, etc. Although the software is designed to manage end-to-end construction projects, it is widely known for its accounting and budgeting capabilities.

4) FinalCAD

FinalCAD offers a full suite for construction management companies and firms to manage all the key elements of construction. Since 2011, FinalCAD has helped in completing 8000 plus projects in 30 different countries and has a user base of 200K plus.

FinalCAD helps construction professionals in planning, gaining insights and integrating third-party essentials to manage all the elements including building, infrastructure, energy, operations & maintenance. FinalCAD is one of its kind platform that uses predictive analytics to suggest optimizations and tweaks for your processes to achieve better efficiency.

Today, project management has become a skill that is taught in schools but perfected with experience. With the demanding quality standards, required speed, these tools make the job easy for professionals while offering more flexibility and increased productivity.

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