Construction Management: The Most Rewarding Job In The Industry!

One of the most lucrative jobs in the construction field, Construction Management is a highly sought after degree- mainly because of the pay and position. With excellent job prospects, high paying managerial position and strong self-employment potential, construction managers rank among the highly paid employees in the construction industry.

Especially in India, where industrial manpower is always on the rise and the real estate market size is estimated to grow upto 1000 Billion dollars by 2030, many young professionals are keen on building a career in construction.

But before you choose your career in the construction industry, take a look at the pay scale, key skills, growth opportunities and other important details that affect this job role.

Construction management course

Role Of a Construction Manager:

A construction manager’s role is to oversee the construction of buildings, roads and other small or large scale construction projects. Straight from the planning stage with architects and engineers, to the budgeting stage with cost estimators and the production stage with laborers, a construction manager is involved at every step.

Construction management is composed of 5 sectors – residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, and environmental giving individuals the opportunity to gain a tonne of experience with small-scale residential projects to large-scale projects like building shopping centers and petrol pumps.

.Construction Manager Tasks:

  • Manage the planning, materials, building, and budget of a construction or component of a project.
  • Enforce safety measures and company regulations, and obtain required licenses and permits.
  • Select and oversee the work of contractors contributing to the project.
  • Develop schedules for reaching objectives and make sure work is completed on time.
  • Supervise and direct personnel working on the project.


Construction management jobs generally require a bachelor’s degree in construction science, building science, construction engineering, civil engineering or architecture. On top of this, practical experience gained through internships also hold into account. But managerial positions in top construction companies mostly hire postgraduates who have an MBA in management, a certificate in PGCM or any other relevant degrees. Therefore, young professionals opt for a postgraduate certificate for bigger career opportunities.

Salary Information:

construction manager salary

Source: PayScale

According to PayScale, the average salary of a construction manager ranges from 9 to 10 lakhs/pa depending on the years of experience but has huge growth opportunities with maximum pay going up to 22 lakhs/pa. It is to be noted that this excludes bonus, commission and profit sharing.

Salary details of construction manager

Source: PayScale

Construction management also opens up a lot of doors to explore different opportunities in the construction field. Skilled construction managers get promoted to the position of senior project manager, operations manager and even VP, general manager after a certain number of years of experience.

Since construction management holds a lot of potential in scaling your career, it’s an added advantage for graduates to get a postgraduate degree in this field.

Stepping foot in the construction industry is nerve-racking but having a degree and credible experience in the field helps young professionals to build a successful career. To land a high package in a reputed company, one has to have a practical experience as well as a degree to back it up. Therefore, many individuals choose to specialise in construction management to get the extra edge in their career.

Although an MBA degree seems like an obvious choice, these days professionals with 1-2 years of experience opt for 1 year specialization programmes in construction management that are more effective and focuses on industry specific learning which is ultimately more helpful.

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